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New In: The Pearl Collection

Timeless, classic and eye catchingly beautiful, pearls have been treasured and highly sought after for thousands of years. There’s good reason why we long after this unique gem of the sea - because they are not easy to obtain, and completely unique when compared to any other jewel or precious metal.

The saying goes ‘diamonds are a girls’ best friend’, but pearls stole our hearts long before diamonds did, and there’s something that little bit more alluring about pearls. Seen across beautiful antique and vintage collections, the milky white and smooth texture and glistening surface of the pearl makes it truly captivating.

Design Drawings

Taking this timeless piece, we have created a striking collection that perfectly combines the classic pearl with modern 21st century design. Including an oversized ring, statement necklace, hoop earrings and drop earrings, our pearl collection offers a unique twist and allows you to see the pearl in a new light. Discover the pearl collection, contemporary yet classic, and beautiful with an edge…

Pearl Earrings…